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Transporting Your Car to Maine?

meCar shipping is a popular thing these days with Americans. We know this much because of a recent growth in the number of quotes we have been receiving as a trusted leader in auto transport. More specifically as a company we asked, “what are some of the best places people are moving or relocating to” for things like work, retirement, education, etc? Well since 2012, stats show us that good citizens of the united states have been keeping a close watch on the state of Maine. There are several reasons why Maine is grabbing the attention of people across the states. Especially southern Maine, which has been the winner of many recent life style and business awards. Maine has been honored with the following:

Footer-Bird Top 10 Best Cities in New England – GoLocal 2012
Footer-Bird #3 Best City for Families – Parenting Magazine 2012
Footer-Bird Top 10 City for Job Prospects – 2012
Footer-Bird Ranked as 7th Greenest City in the US – Travel & Leisure 2012
Footer-Bird Top 100 Places to Live in the US – Relocate America 2010
Footer-Bird Top 10 City for Small Business Vitality – Portfolio 2010
Footer-Bird America’s Foodiest Small Town – Bon Appetit 2009

Impressed yet? So whether you are moving from across town or from another state to the Maine area, it’s always a major event in your life! We have helped many families even ship their cars to and from the Greater Maine area and it’s communities. Maine is also one those states where Auto Transport in Maine may require a state to state travel or a cross country shipment.

The problem with shipping cars to or from the state of Maine is the fact that there’s really no easy way to get into or out of the state for any car transport carriers. The only major interstate that runs into Maine is I-95, and while I-95 is a popular interstate that runs from Miami all the way to the Canadian border, Maine is not usually a place that carriers want to go to. It’s too far north, there aren’t a lot of people there, and most of the time the weather sucks and snow and ice make it even harder to run routes in or out of Maine. Are there carriers that will? Most likely, though it may take us a bit longer to find them for you and it also may be more expensive, especially during the winter months.

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