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New York to Florida Auto Transport Route

New York City is the largest metropolitan area in the northeastern United States which automatically makes it one of the most popular auto transport pickup and drop-off locations in the United States today. On any day of the year, a large percentage of New Yorker’s are moving out of New York or moving in from other states.

Located where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, NYC is home to roughly 8.5 million people. Internationally famous as an unparalleled center of arts, entertainment, fashion, and finance, New York City consists of five boroughs—Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island—each with its own unique mix of ethnic groups, distinctive neighborhoods and attractions.

New York to Florida Is a Popular Route

Number 1 Auto Transport has many customers who need to transport autos and other vehicles from New York to Florida for reasons ranging from relocating for new jobs to transporting a classic car to car show. Our customers need their vehicles delivered to various Florida cities ranging from Jacksonville in northern Florida, Tampa-St. Petersburgh in the Panhandle, Orlando in central Florida, and the international city of Miami with its world-famous Miami Beach.

Snowbirds Flying South for the Winter

Many New Yorker’s fly south for the winter just to get away from the cold winters in NYC and the bitter cold and heavy snowfalls of Upstate New York cities like Buffalo and Albany. These are a special group of Number 1 Auto Transport customers, because we ship their automobiles and other vehicles to Florida so they can avoid having to pay expensive car rental fees when they arrive. It’s a great arrangement for our snowbird customers. Come Spring, they happily fly north again, and we make sure their vehicles are there waiting for them.

I-95 Connects Big Cities Along the Way

Of course, a lot happens between picking up vehicles in New York and bringing them to Florida. Interstate 95 (I-95), a major north-south interstate that goes through many large metropolitan areas in states where we can also drop off and pick up vehicles, including NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, and GA. When our transport carriers travel on major interstates like I-95 which connects so many millions of people, it’s easier to keep our transport carriers fully loaded, arrive at destination points on time, and offer customers low and affordable auto transport rates. That’s why our New York to Florida route is so efficient for our customers and for our business as auto transport professionals.

Efficient Services Meet your Deadlines

With these built-in efficiencies, 90% of our customers’ orders get assigned within one week of initial contact with them. Once assigned, the vehicle normally is picked up within a day or two of the assigned ship date. We’ll send you a detailed email with instructions to help you prepare for the vehicle transport shipment. Learn more about our door-to-door auto transport services:

Consistent 5-Star Customer Ratings

Our dedicated team at Number 1 Auto Transport works hard to deliver the best auto transport services in the industry and our hundreds of satisfied customers are living proof of our exceptional customer service.

One of our most recent customer reviews came from Pete who hired us to transport his vehicle from New York to Miami (about 1,200 miles). His unsolicited review appeared on Transport Reviews. Pete gave us 5-star ratings on Honesty, Knowledgeable, Promptness, and Customer Service:

Great to Deal with Number 1! Sam was straight forward with his quote and explained very well how it would be done and was ‘right on’ about their positive reviews. I even double checked with the Better Business Bureau and they were very well rated. When you look for [auto transport] quotes, you will get bombarded with all sorts of promises and BS. Not with these guys. Thanks, Sam, you can be sure if I need to transport a car again or know someone who does, i will refer them to you.”

Choice of Auto Transport Type

You have the flexibility to choose how your vehicle is transported—hard-sided enclosed carrier, soft-sided enclosed carrier or open air carrier. Learn more about your auto transport options.

Best Insurance in the Industry

Number 1 Auto Transport is proud of the fact that we have the very best, comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle to take care of the unexpected should it happen.

Free Quotes Online or by Phone

We respond fast to your request for a 100%-firm quote and give you the best possible rate based on the type of shipping you prefer.

Regular Updates during Transport

You will automatically receive email updates once your car shipping order is assigned. The driver of the truck will call you when he’s getting close to your destination point.

Have Questions or Need A New York to Florida Auto Shipping Quote?

Email us or call 855-422-4141 for a FREE QUOTE on New York to Florida auto transport. We look forward to giving you quick answers to any questions you may have!

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